ESPID Research Networks

Promotion of cooperative research in the field of Paediatric Infectious Diseases (PID) is a major objective of ESPID. ESPID scientists are leaders in clinical and experimental PID research and are substantially contributing to networks across Europe and beyond.

Here we link to networks that have been selected by the EPID Research Networking Committee. They represent the collaborative approach of ESPID to advancing knowledge on pathogenesis, diagnosis and therapy in PID. The networks have not been endorsed by the ESPID board, and ESPID does not control their frames or contents . Rather, the networks represent the research landscape, and can be contacted directly as guides for new initiatives and interested scientists.

 Congenital Infection

Vaccines and Vaccine Safety

Bacterial and Fungal Infections

Antibiotics and Antibiotic Stewardship

Mycobacterial Infections

Neonatal Infections

Respiratory Infections

Multi-topic Networks