The mission of ESPID is to promote excellence in pediatric infectious diseases and child health. To accomplish this purpose the objectives of ESPID are:

  • To promote the exchange of information among people who have expertise in the field of pediatric infectious diseases (by organizing regular scientific meetings, forming international study groups and networks, participation in advisory boards of other societies, organization of symposia at other international congresses, and through joint publications by members’ publications in the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Journal and other journals)
  • To support the information and function of independent units (e.g. sections, departments, divisions) in order to encourage progress in the field of infectious diseases in childhood. Training and further education in the field of infectious diseases and research, particularly basic research, as well as clinical care shall be given priority
  • To carry out co-operative studies in Europe in the field of prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of infection in childhood
  • To provide further education in the field of pediatric infectious diseases by organizing meetings for this purpose including annual scientific meetings, training programs and educational workshops, making fellowship and travel awards and fostering official publication of scientific proceedings and other materials
  • To carry out any other measures to support the promotion of pediatric infectious diseases, as determined by the Annual General Meeting