Wiser Immuniser Online Course

We are delighted to announce the launch of the ESPID Wiser Immuniser online course on the Education site. The modules of the course have been written by world-experts in the field of vaccinology.

The course is available at no cost to everybody (also non-ESPID members after creation of a login). It is self-paced so you may start and finish at a time that is convenient to you. 

The course now has been extensively reviewed and updated by ESPID and WHO experts and is aimed at any health professional involved with vaccination, in particular general practitioners, paediatricians and clinical trainees with an interest or specialty in paediatrics and/or infectious diseases.

The ESPID online course on vaccination aims to provide internet-based training that will:

  • Increase the participant's knowledge of vaccine-preventable diseases including clinical presentation, diagnosis, management, treatment, prognosis and public health implications
  • Increase the participant's knowledge of vaccines and their side effects and contraindications
  • Improve the participant's skills in communicating with patients and caregivers about vaccination, including addressing common misconceptions and tackling vaccine hesitancy.